Make your Airtable image URLs static and fast.

The simplest way you can directly use image URLs returned from the Airtable API.

Air CDN also makes your website fast.

Speed up your attachments →


$29 / month for two bases with up to 1,000 images.

$49 / month for five bases with up to 3,000 images.

Contact me if you need higher limits or have different requirements.


Do I need Air CDN?
If you're using Airtable to store images or other attachments that are then displayed on public-facing websites with high traffic, you'll find that the new Airtable policies make your attachment URLs change every few hours. Air CDN solves this problem by storing your images/attachments on our server.
How does Air CDN work?
The endpoint proxies your API requests to Airtable. When your app makes a GET request (list records or retrieve single record), we upload the included images to our server. Then, we generate new image links for your app.
Does Air CDN work if I don't use the Airtable API?
Yes. You can also install Air CDN by installing a formula column and Script Action to your base. The new column turns an expiring attachment URL into a static URL powered by Air CDN. .
Does the Air CDN formula column work on multiple columns?
Yes. Make sure you create the automations for every attachment/Air CDN public URL column pair.
Does the Air CDN formula column work if I have multiple attachments per column?
Yes. You can have multiple attachments per column.
Does Air CDN support multiple images in a single cell?
How is Air CDN different from the existing Airtable API?
Airtable attachment URLs expire after 2 hours. If your app/website depends on stable image URLs, then you should use Air CDN. Additionally, Air CDN lets you to resize images, which can make your website load faster. Air CDN also has built-in caching, which greatly increases the 5 request / second rate limit enforced by Airtable. When migrating to Air CDN, the only necessary change is the Airtable API endpoint.
What attachment types are supported by Air CDN?
Currently, only images are supported. If you need support for other attachment types (eg. videos, PDFs, etc.), contact me.
Are all request types proxied by Air CDN?
Yes. Air CDN has 100% compatibilty with the existing Airtable API.
Is Air CDN secure? Will my Airtable API key be secure?
Yes. Your API key is only used to make requests to Airtable. Air CDN does not store your Airtable API key.
Are attachments cached for all API request types?
No. Air CDN will only return responses with cached attachment URLs for GET requests.
Are there any limits?
The $29 / month plan includes 2,000 images. If you need increased limits, then contact me.
What if I exceed the limits of my plan?
We will notify you via email, and you can upgrade your plan.
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