How to Fix Airtable Expiring Attachment URLs

How to Fix Airtable Expiring Attachment URLs

Airtable introduced expiring attachment download URLs to address the security risk of permanently accessible download URLs. However, there are some valid use cases for needing a permanent download URL, such as when you want to embed an image or file in your website or share it with someone who doesn't have access to your Airtable base.

This change creates challenges for businesses and developers who rely on Airtable for managing and sharing digital assets. That's why we've developed a solution that not only addresses the issue of expiring URLs but also enhances the performance and reliability of your Airtable attachments.

Air CDN's Solution

Air CDN offers a seamless solution to this problem. By simply changing your API request URLs from to, you can bypass the issue of expiring URLs altogether. This change is quick and easy to implement, requiring minimal adjustments to your existing setup.

Features and Benefits

  • Permanent URLs for Airtable Attachments: With Air CDN, your attachment URLs won't expire, making it easier to share and embed your digital assets wherever you need them.
  • Enhanced Performance: Air CDN includes image resizing and API response caching, which not only makes your images load faster but also significantly increases your rate limit compared to the standard Airtable API.
  • Full Compatibility: Air CDN is designed to be fully compatible with the Airtable API, ensuring a smooth transition with no disruption to your existing workflows.

Getting Started

To start using Air CDN and enjoy the benefits of static, fast-loading Airtable attachment URLs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Replace in your API requests with
  2. Enjoy the benefits of permanent URLs and enhanced performance for your Airtable attachments.

If you're not accessing Airtable through the API, you can still benefit from Air CDN's features by using a formula function within your Airtable base. This method allows you to convert expiring URLs to permanent ones using a formula field and Script Action. This feature lets you integrate Air CDN with a whole range of No-Code tools, such as Webflow, Softr, WhaleSync, Zapier, and more.

For detailed instructions and more information on how Air CDN can help you make the most out of your Airtable attachments, visit our website at (opens in a new tab).


Airtable's decision to introduce expiring attachment URLs was made with security in mind, but it doesn't have to limit how you use and share your attachments. With Air CDN, you can easily overcome this challenge, ensuring your attachments are always accessible when you need them, without compromising on speed or reliability. Whether you're a small business, a developer, or just someone looking to streamline their digital asset management, Air CDN is here to help.