There are two ways you can use Air CDN. If you integrate with Airtable through their API, you can use the Air CDN proxy. If you integrate with Airtable through sync providers or no-code services such as Zapier, WhaleSync, Softr, etc., you can use the Air CDN formula automation.

Air CDN Proxy

First, sign up for an account at Air CDN (opens in a new tab). Then, you will have to add your Airtable base.

Next, change the endpoint URL to and you are good to go.


const Airtable = require('airtable');
    endpointUrl: '', // This is the Air CDN proxy endpoint
    apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>',
const base = Airtable.base('<YOUR_BASE_ID>');

Air CDN Formula Plugin

Using a formula requires access to the "Run script" automation. This means you must be on a paid Workspace plan.

The formula takes an attachment column and returns an updated public URL for each image that points to Air CDN. This URL can be used in anywhere and doesn't change, even after Airtable's 2 hour time limit.

This feature is currently in early access. Contact us if you want to try it out.